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Morris Solutions is your perfect partner for updating, upgrading or converting your current machine into the 21st century. You are in safe hands. Due to our years of experience and international orientation we can offer you the latest retrofitting techniques and servicing for a very attractive price. The age, model or manufacturer does not matter.We offer our retrofitting service for all press brakes and guillotine shears. Every brand!


By retrofitting / reviewing your machine, it will offer you the opportunity to deliver enhanced performance, comparable to a new machine, but with a re-purposed frame. This means an increase in performance with only a fraction of the price of a new press brake. You do not need to buy new tooling and you do not need to fit a new press brake into your already workable manufacturing process. We can make your old, broken press brake into a productive and reliable machine within a few days!

Whatever your requirements are, we have the experience and unrivaled ability to get the job done.

The frame structure of older machines is made out of concrete and designed to last decades. We only replace the parts that are outdated and need replacing. Saving you money in the proces. Repairing operating systems / controllers is something that is in high demand. We offer both electronic and mechanical retrofittings. Servicing both software and hardware.

Morris Solutions uses reliable ESA operating systems. These are crafted in Modena, Italy. www.esautomotion.com

Why retrofit with Morris Solutions?

8 reasons to choose for Retrofitting


No more production loss

By retrofitting you will  not suffer from loss of production due to unavailable components that are needed to restore older controllers.


Save time

Discover the ability to connect the machine directly with the ESA software from your own office.


Easily expandable

Possibility of constantly updating the safety of your machine. I.e. light shields, DSP laser finger protection, new foot pedals, etc.


Higher productivity

By modernizing your system, you increase the productivity of the machine. A smart and low cost investment that also reduces production costs.


Increase capacity

Easier, faster and safer. Our retrofit allows for extra memory capacity.


Smart investment

A retrofit involves lower costs than a completely new machine. However, with a retrofit the possibilities are greater than ever.


1 year guarantee

At Morris Solutions you are entitled to a 1 year warranty on the entire ESA operating system!


24/7 quick service

Our experience and expertise enables us to guarantee excellent service.



Affordable solutions and better performance with your trusted old press brake or guillotine shear.

Morris Solutions is happy to assist.

Morris Solutions has gained a lot of experience over the years with various brands and models of press brakes and processing machines. Visit our portfolio with the recent retrofittings.

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